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Hello there, my name is Andrew!

A graduate of the University of Michigan, I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to the U.S. in 2000. I came to Ann Arbor with a heavy heart – I grew up rooting for the Buckeyes – but was quickly converted into a Wolverine (but for my Ohio friends, I really still do call Ohio home).

During college, I was a pre-med student majoring in neuroscience and political science. After graduating in 2012, I stayed in Ann Arbor to work as a freelance videographer and video producer, while helping to serve and lead a small group at a local church.

My time at Michigan allowed me to explore interests and personal passions, including photography, social media, comparative politics, and design. Although I will soon become a doctor (for real!), it is still my desire to continue to cultivate these other passions of mine.

After a short stay in Cincinnati, Ohio, I am currently living in the beautiful city of Detroit, Michigan, in my final year as a medical student at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. In the future, I hope to be a pediatrician, with a long-term interest of serving underprivileged communities and pursuing local and international medical missions.

This page is designed to further explore my interest in photography and videography, even while most of my time is spent studying and/or in the hospitals. Please feel free to explore the site, or even better, drop by and say hello with the contact from below!


If I could summarize my passion for medicine in a short phrase, it’s this: It’s all about people.

“There is a sacred trust that is foundational in the relationship between physicians and patients. It is not a trust built only upon the competency of the physician, but also on the concern the physician demonstrates for the welfare of the patient. Physicians do not operate in a laboratory-like vacuum. Rather, the patients they see come from different backgrounds and situations, often with needs that are both physical and emotional in nature. While a physician’s primary concern should be the physical health of the patient, he or she is also at times best positioned to provide emotional, psychological, or even spiritual care in the midst of tragic and difficult circumstances…

“This is what really drew me to medicine. The medical field is much more than prescriptions and pills. Medicine has the potential to communicate compassion and love to those in need, and patients look to their physicians for both medical expertise and genuine care… Particularly, I would like to work with underprivileged and vulnerable populations both here in the United States and abroad. The experiences I have had working with such communities have by far been the most fulfilling in my journey towards developing a calling for medicine. For many in such circumstances, there is a longing for something greater than mere relief from physical ailments. Many are desperately seeking assurance, hope, love, and encouragement, longing to know that they are of worth and that someone cares for them. Medicine is a way through which I would like to be able to communicate God’s love to those who need to experience it the most.”


My most up-to-date curriculum vitae can be downloaded here. For further questions, please feel free to contact me at

Photo credit: Kasey Samuel Adams Photography


If you’re interested in getting to know me more personally, check out my personal blog! They tend to be far more reflective and religious in nature (and sometimes a little bit rambly too!), but I know that I personally value this type of painful honesty.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s cool too, but if you are interested, please drop a visit and say hi!

Photo credit: Zach Ahn

My Videos

Street Medicine Detroit

As a member of the Wayne State University School of Medicine, I had the opportunity to work with Street Medicine Detroit, an organization dedicated to meeting the medical needs of people experiencing homelessness in the city of Detroit. During my tenure with the organization, I was asked to create a video that describes both what we do as well as why we do them. This video will be used as an introduction to our organization during conferences, meetings, and fundraising campaigns.

Part of the goal of the video was not only to demonstrate the need of the homeless and tell our story, but also remind everyone watching — whether living in the city of Detroit or not — that even a small act of kindness can make a huge difference in the lives of people around us.

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History of OTR Living Water Ministry

History of OTR Living Water Ministry

During my time in Cincinnati, I had the privilege of serving with an inner-city ministry called Over-The-Rhine Living Water Ministry, where I volunteered weekly as a Sunday school teacher and photographer. I was asked to create this timeline video that would showcase how the ministry was birthed and how it because what it is today. It is a typography-heavy, animation-heavy video narrated by a wonderful member of the church.

I am very proud of the way this project turned out due to the limitations I was able to overcome while finishing this video (limited resources and time). I am deeply indebted to friends who supported me through its completion.

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Seelio: A Platform for Educators

I had the opportunity to work with Seelio, an Ann Arbor-based company that allows students to create online portfolios to showcase their work, both inside and outside of the classroom. The portfolios then could be presented to potential employers, offering more holistic and honest snapshots than resumes.

While expanding to directly offer its services to higher education institutions, I worked with Seelio to create a video that promoted the platform to educators and administrators.

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Jeff DeGraff: Dean of Innovation

I worked extensively with Jeff DeGraff and the team at Innovatrium, producing numerous videos for promotional purposes. This particular video was created in conjunction with the launch of a new website for Jeff, focusing on his skills as an engaging speaker and highlighting his qualifications and experiences as a consultant.

Intentionally designed to match the overall theme of the website, the feel of the video matches much of Jeff’s personality: colorful, energetic, and full of passion.

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Harvest Mission Community Church

The Harvest Mission Community Church Documentations Team is responsible for keeping a record of different events in the church through videos and photos. I have served as a part of this team as a videographer, video editor, animator, and photographer. My responsibilities include filming special events at church, creating videos for presentation during church events, setting up studio-like environments for interviews and photo shoots, and designing graphics and animation consistent with the church’s vision and mission. As a senior member of the team, I was also responsible for training younger members to help them grow in technical expertise so that they can better contribute to the needs of the team.

Having been a part of this ministry team for over 4 years, I have worked on numerous videos, a small sample of which could be found in the playlist below.

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Personal Projects

I have spent a lot of time working on personal projects as well! These are personally some of my proudest productions, not because they were the most memorable to work on or because they are the most amazing videos in the world, but because they were all labors of love.

I know that some of these won’t make a whole lot of sense without the context, but please enjoy an insight into my more personal side!

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For any medical school-related inquiries, please contact me via this email. For any other inquiries, please use the contact form here, or get in touch with me via one of the social media platforms below.

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